Why are you here? What were you born to do? And . . .
how would you discover it?

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Riding her horse, Clarity, is Lisa’s favorite activity. She wants her life to be built around horses, but her parents have other ideas—none of which appeal to Lisa. How does she know what direction is right for her?

On one of her morning rides, Lisa encounters Epona, the Goddess of All Horses, and is offered the chance to provide a valuable service to the equine world. When she accepts, she is transformed into the Fairy Eponalisa and sets out on a journey to bestow Pronouncements on the Callings to horses who, like her, may not yet understand their life purpose.

Through her journey as Eponalisa, she brings peace to those of the Equine Realm and finds peace within herself.

Anyone who questions their own life purpose will find wisdom and inspiration in Eponalisa.

“Eponalisa is a rich fantasy with the power to bring horse wisdom into reality.”
June Gunter, Ed.D., Founder of TeachingHorse and author of TeachingHorse; Rediscovering Leadership.

“Eponalisa offers a timeless, take-me-away moment with characters that seem all at once magical and real. It’s a perfect coming-of-age and awareness book.”
AJ Grant, President, Big Green Company/ Big Green Rabbit

"Jane, Beau (my Wisdom and Clarity), and I give this magical work a heartfelt hooves and thumbs up!”
Templeton Thompson, Award Winning Country Recording Artist

“Eponalisa is a whimsical fairy tale that has the ability to touch the reader with very real and important lessons which can be applied to everyday life. Eponalisa is a delightful voyage for horse lovers of all ages.”
Valerie L. Young, Publisher, Horse Connection Magazine

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